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We currently have no products for sale in our store as our bugs are overwintering and we are developing a some new recipes and a range of seasonal products. So watch this space!

As the nights are drawing in and days are darker, we are keeping our little mealworms and buffalo worms nice and cosy in their barn. They even have music playing on grey bleak days!

Just as our happy insects are overwintering, we are gearing up for festive fun by looking at local at seasonal local ingredients for winter warming recipes. During our bugs’ holiday will aim to add a recipe a week to this blog page so do keep popping back.

Until then here is a spinach and apple grasshopper cake recipe!


100ml rapeseed oil
juice and zest from 1 lime
juice and zest from 1 lemon
2 cooking apples peeled and cored
3 eggs
250g baby spinach
100g golden caster sugar
100g white chocolate
1 tsp vanilla extract
1 tsp baking powder
150g SR flour (can be gluten free)
40g freeze dried locusts wizzed into coarse powder (these are grasshoppers that have released a ‘busy’ hormone that makes them a bit bigger hungrier and.. busier)

white chocolate for grating

Pre-heat your oven to 170 C and line a 20×30 baking tray with greaseproof paper. Wash and wilt the spinach in a microwave until soft. Chop and cook the apples in a microwave until soft and then wizz the spinach, apples, juice from the lemon and lime, vanilla extract and ground locusts together in a blender until smooth. In a bowl whisk the eggs sugar and oil together for 3 minutes or until light and fluffy. Add the fruit and spinach puree and mix well. Melt the white chocolate and add this and mix again (not too much).
Sieve flour and baking powder into the mixing bowl and fold in. Pour the mix into a prepared baking tray and bake in preheated oven at 170 C for 25-30 mins. Skewer in centre should come out clean. Allow to cool on wire rack and then decorate with grated white chocolate.

Enjoy a slice with a nice cup of tea!

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HRH Prince Charles not brave enough to try YumBugs

Royal couple come to Gate to Plate

We had a wonderful day at the Honiton Gate to Plate event last Wednesday. There we had our tried and tested flapjacks and cakes and some new ones for people to try; such as the superworm chilli chocolate brownie and a cranachin flapjack. Everything went very quickly and by the time we chatted with royal visitors to this inaugural event, the stand was a bit bare. We offered HRH Prince Charles some pineapple and coconut cake and some lemon, ant, and yellow courgette cake but he wasn't really ready to try edible insects in front of the cameras. He was interested in the marmalade jewelbug flapjack which is yummy but was a little taken a back when told there were whole crickets in them. We think he has been watching too much 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' where contestants are forced to eat large raw insects. - This show gives edible insects an undeserved negative image. There are more than 2000 edible insects eaten on the planet and some of them are simply delicious. We are missing out on a lot.

The reaction of HRH Prince Charles was expected and perfectly normal due to two experiences. One is our natural learned 'yuck' response to things that we're told will make us ill, and two, we understand HRH has been offered whole insects on camera before. If he ate, them perhaps they were not to his taste and he had that experience to override also.

We did give the royal couple some Pirate Island flapjacks and some rhubarb and ginger bread butterflies so perhaps they tried those off camera in their helicopter home.  HRH Prince Charles was very warm and a pleasure to talk to, we hope they enjoyed their hamper full of local treats.

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GreenBee will be at the Honiton Gate to Plate

GreenBee will be at the Gate to Plate event in Honiton, trying out some new recipes and looking for local collaborators.

Come see, try and buy at Honiton Gate to Plate on Wednesday 18 July and meet 60 of Devon’s finest food and craft producers

Stalls will line the East Devon town’s High Street for inaugural event

Sixty of Devon’s finest food and craft producers will be lining the High Street of Honiton on Wednesday 18 July to showcase their wares at the first-ever Honiton Gate to Plate event.

The free-to-attend celebration of some of the county and district’s most outstanding businesses is a fantastic opportunity for people to come see, come try, come buy, as the traders will be bringing along samples of the highest quality local food and drink for people to taste.

From traditional fare to the most creative – there’s something for everyone to taste and buy at this huge market which organisers hope will become an annual event for the town.

From great bakes and cakes, to cheeses and cider, there’s sauces, fine honey and marmalade, organic meats and fish produce, chocolate truffles and home-made ice cream and even edible flowers to name just a few of the food businesses attending. And how about trying some children’s edible insect snack bars and seaweed too! Crafts will include a potter, a wheelwright, framed embroideries, prints and cards and hand sewn gifts for sale.

We’re expecting two very special VIPs who will be announced a few days before the event and entertainment on the day will include Honiton Town Band and the childrens’ choir from Honiton’s Littletown Primary Academy School. The event is being organised by East Devon District Council who are supported by Honiton Town Council and Taste of the West, the largest independent regional food group in the UK.

Participants include Bees Knees, Beyond Sauce Limited, Branscombe Vale Brewery Limited, Cathy’s Bake House, Celene’s Cakes & Sugarcraft, Cheesy Rinders, Chloe Morter Design, Coastal Craft Collective / Freespirit, Coffee Factory Ltd, Coldharbour Farm Shop, Common Loaf, Dalwood Vineyard, Deer Park, Denhay Farms Ltd, Devon Spotted Pig & Fine Country Lifestyle, Earl of Gravy Dumpling House, Eat the Smoke, Ebb Tides and Fancy That Caribbean Food.

Find And Foster Fine Ciders, Four Elms Fruit Farm Limited, Fowlers Farm Eggs, Frandie Macaron Ltd, Georgie Porgies Puddings Ltd, GreenBee Entomology, Hillview floristry, Honiton Chocolate Company, Janvil Dairy Goats, KLA Foods (curry pies), Littlepod Ltd, LS Apiaries, Maddocks Farm organics, Mike Rowland & Son, Natural Branscombe/In my Backyard, Norcotts Cider – CN Drinks Ltd, Norma Walton’s Little Birds, Otter Vale, Otter Valley Dairy Ltd, Porkies – Meat Products and Powderkeg Brewery.

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Happy National Insect Week!

To celebrate National Insect Week at GreenBee we not only made this cake but we are giving our website is having a makeover and the online store will be open in a few days!

This cake is experimental and has two layers of chocolate banana and mealie (meal worm) cake, two layers of butternut squash, almond and buffie (buffalo worm) cake and a centre layer of chocolate buffie and beetroot cake.  This cake was devoured pretty quickly by friends and neighbours – even the ants in the garden wanted a bit of it!

We’re getting messy in the kitchen here this week preparing for the Axe Vale show this weekend, where we will be in the food marquee. Come and see us if you are in the area and try our new products and some that we have tried and really liked from France. Otherwise check out our shop page in a few days!

Happy National Insect Week from the GreenBee team

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River Cottage Food Fair

The market research trials at the River Cottage food fair ‘went like hot cakes’!!

I am currently working on my online shop and hope to get it up and running by the end of this week, largely off the back of the fair. The response of most people trying the cakes, flapjacks and cereal bars that I produced for the show was amazingly positive and by the end of the show I was dizzy with enthusiasm (and a little sunburn!).

The food fair was held at the River Cottage pitt farm and some 3000 people had tickets on each day so we saw a lot of people! I had some fabulous and invaluable help from they guys at Six Legs farm and their enthusiasm and warmth was infectious. Six legs farm are rearing crickets and when they are fully operational I will be ordering stock from them, so we are helping each other out as newbie ento startups together. Until I put a link to them on this site, you can find them on twitter @sixlegsfarm and FB

Along with all the positive comments, I completely ran out of cakes on both days and only had a little flapjack and cereal bar samples left at the end of the weekend. They really did go like hot cakes and many people wanted to make purchases on both days. The weekend was made extra special by a few people Rachel de Thample @dethample was game enough to try some smokey superworms and suggest a few things dishes that they may prove delicious with. Some fabulous teachers also invited me to come to their schools to give talks and tasty presentations. The two lovely neighbours from Toast @toastale who swapped beer for the use of a tarp and shared their suncream! Thanks guys! The weekend was rounded off by Hugh Fearnley-Withingstall himself tasting and offering around YumBug flapjacks and cereal bars at the ‘afterparty’. He was so encouraging and even took a large slab of hummingbug flapjack with him for breakfast the next day!