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HRH Prince Charles not brave enough to try YumBugs

Royal couple come to Gate to Plate

We had a wonderful day at the Honiton Gate to Plate event last Wednesday. There we had our tried and tested flapjacks and cakes and some new ones for people to try; such as the superworm chilli chocolate brownie and a cranachin flapjack. Everything went very quickly and by the time we chatted with royal visitors to this inaugural event, the stand was a bit bare. We offered HRH Prince Charles some pineapple and coconut cake and some lemon, ant, and yellow courgette cake but he wasn't really ready to try edible insects in front of the cameras. He was interested in the marmalade jewelbug flapjack which is yummy but was a little taken a back when told there were whole crickets in them. We think he has been watching too much 'I'm a celebrity get me out of here' where contestants are forced to eat large raw insects. - This show gives edible insects an undeserved negative image. There are more than 2000 edible insects eaten on the planet and some of them are simply delicious. We are missing out on a lot.

The reaction of HRH Prince Charles was expected and perfectly normal due to two experiences. One is our natural learned 'yuck' response to things that we're told will make us ill, and two, we understand HRH has been offered whole insects on camera before. If he ate, them perhaps they were not to his taste and he had that experience to override also.

We did give the royal couple some Pirate Island flapjacks and some rhubarb and ginger bread butterflies so perhaps they tried those off camera in their helicopter home.  HRH Prince Charles was very warm and a pleasure to talk to, we hope they enjoyed their hamper full of local treats.

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