Outdoor Adventures

GreenBee Adventures coming soon!

Outdoor entomology and ecology sessions in our GreenBee Meadow and woodland.



Why Bug School & Forest school? During the first lockdown last Spring my PhD in entomology came in very useful as it allowed me to share my passion for insects with my two small children. They already love insects and all animals, but my knowledge and our collective enthusiasm allowed us to work together on some very cool garden projects. They totally love exploring nature, having adventures and playing outside. Learning along the way is a happy accident!

Now we are nearing the end of another lockdown I have found exploring outside especially beneficial for our whole family's wellbeing. Time spent around trees and out in our natural environment have been shown time and time again to improve mental health and physical wellbeing. This is something I can a attest to. Even when the children refused to write another word at home school, as soon as we went outside, even in the rain, we all found something to engage in and lift our spirits.

Children are naturally inquisitive scientists and artists so play & learning in natural environments, using entomology provides them with an amazing variety of inspirational creatures and habitats that capture imaginations. Forest school offers a huge range of activities from appreciation of our amazing woodlands to using tools, adventure play and managing risks.

I am training as a Forest School Leader (level3) with The Outdoors Group.  GreenBee Adventures will offer forest adventure sessions with a focus on bugs and habitats and sessions will include; stories, games, treasure hunts, art, photography, music and science.

GreenBee Adventures will run from my home in East Devon or at a setting nearby if required. Small sessions will be tailored to different age groups and abilities, children and adults. Sessions will start in mid April after the Easter school holidays.