Bug farm and products

Freezer dried mealworms in jar.

Yummy Mealies

Our delicious and nutritious mealies will be available in YumBug bars, or as ready made dried snacks, or powdered and combined with flours for your store cupboard.


Devon Honey

Our Devon honey will be available in Summer 2019. We will let you know the name of the queen of the hive that produced it!

Fried insects on the streets of Khao San Road in Bangkok, Thailand


Our range of healthy and nutritious childrens' snack bars and cake bars that contain edible insects. Ingredients are sourced as locally as possible and bars are low in sugar and high in protein vitamins and minerals.


Sustainable farm and products

We are striving to build a cyclic farming system to minimise waste and ensure sustainable products.

As much as possible we use local ingredients, and insects not reared in our farm are sourced either in the UK or EU. Our bug barn is highly energy efficient and we are aiming to incorporate solar panels soon to make production even more green. Our grey water goes through reedbed filtration to water butts, and used to water fruit trees in our new native hedgerow and orchard. All our insect waste is composted - it makes fabulous compost that our veg patch loves! Insects are fed on wonky veg, stale bread and 'oops (i'm about to go out of date) section' fruit and veg that would go to waste. We are looking for other sources of food 'waste' biproducts to give them. To round it all off, we only use compostable packaging and recycled boxes in which to post your YumBug goodies to you!

Honey Bee On Clover

Bee a pioneer

At our GreenBee Bug Farm we are building a small apiary to keep our beehives full of happy bees. Our bees are in a small area of set aside surrounded by hedgerows and farmland and have lots of native plants in hedgerows and meadows to feed on. We wrap our beehives up in winter to keep them warm and in summer only harvest honey when they have plenty of extra supplies. We plan on using our honey to sweeten our products as the flavour of honey brilliantly compliments the flavour of our insects.


GreenBee Research

At GreenBee we want to ensure that our edible insects are reared in efficient and sustainable farm with minimum impact on the environment. We also care about animal welfare and we pride ourselves in taking great care of our colonies so they can thrive. We keep up to date with current research into standards and nutrition and we consult with different university professors and bodies to ensure we adopt good practices and we have happy bugs.

We also conduct small research projects onsite from examining best substrates and feed, to experimentation with different flavours, to consumer research, to childrens' nutrition.

At GreenBee we are keen to collaborate with other edible insect growers and suppliers, research institutions and universities. BSc and MSc student projects are very welcome.

Dr Heather Gibbard is also a director of The Woven Network, a membership organisation aimed at helping collaboration and building partnerships between producers, suppliers and consumers of edible insects and insects for animal feed.

Female gardener checking plants